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Cameron More Than a Balloon Company!

Cameron Balloons Ltd., Bristol, the UK is the world’s largest manufacturer of hot-air balloons and airships. While Cameron does make almost every conceivable type of lighter than air craft Cameron can also help you with fabric structures, inflatable buildings, exhibition stands, giant product displays, specialised protective packaging, aerial camera platforms, lighting globes or tubes that float in the air and wide format printing up to 3 m in width by any length. What is more, Cameron Balloons uses the most modern 3D colour print technology; a design picture is printed immediately on the fabric at the moment of its production at Cameron factory in Bristol.

Cameron Ukraine

Cameron even manufactures medical products used in the transportation of patients. So if it can be made out of fabric, Cameron can probably make it.

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Cameron Balloons Ukraine Aircompany Ltd., as an official representative of Cameron Balloons Ltd., the UK, in Ukraine will help you purchase any balloons goods which are certified in Ukraine according to the Cameron prices. However, Cameron Balloons Ukraine Aircompany Ltd. will provide any support in product delivery, technical services or repair woks.

Of particular interest will be the fact that Cameron Balloons is, on average, 15% less expensive in Euros today because of the weakness of Sterling. By the way, you can make your chose among Cameron stock envelopes which show big savings on list prices specified on the website of Cameron Balloons.

What Should You Need to Know About Balloons?

Cameron Ukraine

This section contains information about Cameron man-carrying hot air and gas balloons, including the combination helium / hot-air Roziere craft that were the first (and only) manned balloons to have circumnavigated the globe non-stop two times.

Many people become balloonist by forming a syndicate, where each member contributes both financially and in terms of their time. It’s great fun, and is an activity in which the whole family, friends and even business colleagues can participate.

An alternative is corporate ballooning. This is when a local, national or international company buys a balloon to promote their business. Nevertheless, some companies often purchase balloons for advertising or as a tool for successful business.

Cameron Ukraine

Some enjoy the sport for free by exchanging their time for the gift of a balloon that’s promoting a local business. Others become professional pilots and fly by sponsored balloons with advertising, promotional, tourist, excursion purposes or just ride passengers.

If your particular requirement is for balloons that can carry large numbers of passengers who have paid for their flights we would suggest you look at the A and Z type envelopes and Cameron T and double T partition baskets. We can also provide consultancy to help you decide if the location you have in mind is suited to the balloon passenger ride business, and if it is advise on infrastructure, equipment, civil aviation authority requirements, and pilot recruitment and training. Furthermore, we will answer to all your questions deal with the hiring pilots and technical staff that service your balloon.

We propose you selecting any type and model of ‘Cameron’ balloons from the list section "Balloons" according to your desire.

In Ukraine ‘Cameron’ balloons of all types and model are accepted by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The State Aviation Administration of Ukraine closely cooperates with EASA on state policy events concerning the adaptation of Ukraine to European air legislation.

For today, it allows to maintain legally ‘Cameron’ balloons in Ukraine as passenger balloons and to give them both three letter state and registration signs during registration in the Civil Aircraft Register of Ukraine.

Other manufacturers of balloons do not have the Ukrainian Type Certificate, Type Approval, and the mark that allows loading passengers in the national Type Certificate. Such balloons are used in Ukraine as self-made flying machines having four letter signs Registration and appropriate to the category ‘General aviation’. In addition, such balloons are run without rights for commercial activity and passengers ride business.

One more advantage of ‘Cameron’ balloons which is necessary to light on is during preflight preparation and making flies with passengers the aviation staff uses exclusively certificated fuel, the quality passport of which is approved by engineers of Cameron, the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine and the UK Civil Aviation Authority. It meets safety standards of flying and corresponds to service conditions and warranty.


Where Can You Take Flight Training Courses?

Cameron Balloons Ukraine Aircompany Ltd. would like to offer you or your aviation staff take practical flight training courses, flight engineer training and refresher flying courses at the educational centers admitted by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine and the UK Civil Aviation Authority. The centers are British Balloon & Airship Club (BBAC) which has approximately 50 offices over the world and the engineering staff centre at the factory of Cameron Balloons Ltd. in Bristol, the UK.


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