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Cameron is the world’s largest manufacturer of balloons specifically designed for the passenger ride business. More commercial operators in more countries make more profit by flying more fare paying passengers in Cameron balloons than in balloons produced by any other maker. And only Cameron offers a Z-750 (21,152 cubic metre) envelope which is ideal for lifting a large number of passengers (approximately 50 persons), especially in hot-and-high conditions during holding Fiestas, in cold mounting skiing resorts and African Safari.

Cameron Ukraine Z-750

If you are an experienced operator, whether in tourist areas or simply flying in your own locality, using Cameron equipment you will appreciate many unique advantages and quality of the construction. Constructors and designers of Cameron work permanently on modification and improvement of the newest scientific and technical designs. For instance, are you aware that Cameron offers a camera suspension system that allows you to take photographs of the passengers in your basket while in flight?

Cameron Ukraine

Cameron also has a wide range of colours for your balloon in both rip-stop nylon called Calibre, offers the best protection against any damaging, and Hyperlast silicone coated fabrics, including metallics. If necessary it is possible even have fabric dyed to meet special corporate colour schemes.

Color Cameron Ukraine

And remember, with Cameron the widest choice is yours!

O - type

Nowadays O-type Envelopes are unique and exclusive in Ukraine, have the Ukrainian Certificate of the type of the civil passenger aircraft that approved by the Aviation Administration of Ukraine in 2004.

O-Type Envelopes have 12-gores of especial aerodynamic arch configuration which looks like an airfoil by its form and quality.

Such design of the balloon protects an envelope from the side gust wind especially in the flight configuration. Cameron Balloons O-Type envelopes are produced per special order by our official office in Ukraine.

O-type balloons are irreplaceable for corporate advertising flights in the conditions of the maximum wind. The envelope has a convenient surface for various designs especially oval, roundish and vertical forms.

The standard O-type range will lift from 2 to 8 persons. Larger models that can carry up to more persons are available to special order according your aims.

Cameron Ukraine model O  Cameron Ukraine model O

Sizes (000ft³/m³)
O-65 (65/1840)
O-77 (77/2190)
O-90 (90/2550)
O-105 (105/2970)
O-120 (120/3400)
O-140 (140/3970)
O-160 (160/4530)
NB: The number of persons a balloon envelope can lift depends on the weight of each passenger, the height of the launch site above sea level, and the ambient temperature.

Gores: 12

Burner: Stratus, Shadow or Stealth single, double, triple.

Baskets: 10 sizes, airchair, and Voyager.

Accessories: Wide range available.



What’s so special about the Concept: low-cost and lightweight with versatile load carrying ability and a semi-smooth envelope that will display a sponsor’s artwork to great effect.

Cameron Ukraine Concept

The Concept 60 will carry two or sometimes three people and so is ideal for enterprise, branding, training and competition work, the Concept 70 three people, the Concept 80 will lift up to four while the four persons Concept 90 makes an excellent balloon for corporate sponsorship or syndicate use.

Sizes (000ft³/m³)
C-60 (60/1700)
C-70 (70/2000)
C-80 (80/2270)
C-90 (90/2550)
NB: The number of persons a balloon envelope can lift depends on the weight of each passenger, the height of the launch site above sea level, and the ambient temperature.

Gores: 12

Burner: Stratus, Shadow or Stealth single, double.

Basket: 2 special models, 3 standard models and Lite.

Accessories: Wide range available.


A - type

A-type Envelopes have 20slightly bulbous gores providing tremendous strength and a good surface for good artwork reproduction. The standard A-type range will lift from 6 to 22 persons. Larger models that can carry up to 50 persons in a double-deck basket are available to special order.

Purchasers of the A-type can specify the world beating burners in a double, triple or quad burner unit. The ultra-quiet Stealth is an alternative, generally combined in a double, triple or quad burner unit with the popular Shadow.

Cameron Ukraine Model A

Sizes (000ft³/m³)
A-105 (105/2974)
A-120 (120/3398)
A-140 (140/3965)
A-160 (160/4531)
A-180 (180/5098)
A-210 (210/5947)
A-250 (250/7080)
A-275 (275/7788)
A-300 (300/8496)
A-315 (315/8920)
A-340 (340/9629)
A-375 (375/10620)
A-400 (400/11328)
A-415 (415/11753)
A-530 (530/15010)

Gores: 20

Burner: Shadow single. Shadow and Stealth double, triple and quad combinations.

Basket: 10 sizes, duo airchair, Voyager and Lite.

Accessories: Full range including choice of rapid deflation systems.


Z - type

Because each of the 24 / 28 vertical fabric segments is constructed from individual panels that are sewn together, the Z-type envelope provides the perfect display medium for detailed promotional artwork and imaginative spiral and step designs. A beautiful and elegant shape built to the most exacting standards and sold with a written guarantee, Z-type envelopes are popular with corporate and private purchasers.

The exclusively Cameron print technology and 3D computer graphics add to an envelope both natural form without any microtension of the fabric and mathematical form which gives zero horizontal stress, the loads are carried not by the fabric but by multiple, closely spaced, vertical tapes.

Cameron Ukraine Model Z

Sizes (000ft³/m³)
Z-25 (25/710)
Z-31 (31/890)
Z-42 (42/1190)
Z-56 (56/1590)
Z-69 (69/1950)
Z-77 (77/2190)
Z-90 (90/2550)
Z-105 (105/2970)
Z-120 (120/3400)
Z-140 (140/3970)
Z-150 (150/4250)
Z-160 (160/4530)
Z-180 (180/5100)
Z-210 (210/5950)
Z-225 (225/6370)
Z-250 (250/7080)
Z-275 (275/7850)
Z-315 (315/8920)
Z-350 (350/9910)
Z-375 (375/10620)
Z-400 (400/11430)
Z-425 (425/12040)
Z-450 (450/12740)
Z-600 (600/16922)
Z-750 (750/21152)

Gores: 24 (28 on 375 + above)

Burners: Shadow single. Shadow and Stealth double, triple and quad combinations.

Baskets: 10 sizes, duo airchair, Voyager and Lite.

Accessories: Full range including choice of rapid deflation systems.

N - type

The smooth surface of the N-type is constructed from 24 gores of colourful rip-stop nylon (32 gores with sizes N-145 and above) which are then halved vertically into 48/64 almost flat facets to carry even the most complicated artwork with maximum visibility making it the ultimate advertising balloon.

Designed by a new Cameron print technology and 3D computer graphics make a natural mathematical form which gives zero horizontal fabric stress, the loads are carried by multiple, closely spaced, vertical tapes.

N-types have been chosen for promotional use by major companies world-wide as well as by many smaller businesses and are also used in passenger ride business.

Cameron Ukraine Model N

Sizes (000ft³/m³)
N-31 (31/890)
N-42 (42/1190)
N-56 (56/1590)
N-65 (65/1840)
N-77 (77/2190)
N-90 (90/2550)
N-105 (105/2970)
N-120 (120/3400)
N-133 (133/3770)
N-145 (145/4110)
N-160 (160/4530)

Gores: 24 or 32

Burners: Stratus, Shadow and Stealth, single, double, triple or quad.

Baskets: 10 sizes, airchair, and Voyager.

Accessories: Full range.


Cameron offers the ultimate Racer balloon for the competitive pilot. The on-target accuracy of the tall and thin envelope design is unquestionable. But does its speed of climb and descent exceed your bravery threshold?

Cameron Ukraine Model Racer

Constructed from 24 gores that provide a slim, super-smooth shape with zero horizontal stress, the Cameron Racer slips quickly up and down through the sky providing the pilot with incredible atmospheric steerage capabilities.

Available in two sizes - 60 and 70 - the Racer is equipped with a parachute top as standard but Cameron’s exclusive RDS rapid deflation system is an alternative.

Sizes (000ft³/m³)
TR-60 (60/1700)
MTOM 1200 lb / 544 kg
Height above ground 72 ft / 21.8 m. Diameter 46 ft / 14.1 m.
TR-70 (70/1982)
MTOM 1400 lb / 635 kg
Height above ground 74 ft / 22.7 m. Diameter 49 ft / 15.0 m.

Gores: 24

Burners: Stratus, Shadow and Stealth, single, double, triple or quad.

Baskets: Traditional woven, lightweight or collapsible.

Accessories: Full range including choice of deflation systems.

Special Shapes

Cameron Ukraine

The first shaped balloon in the world was produced by Cameron Balloons Ltd. in 1976, and today Cameron - the largest of the manufacturers - builds more special shapes than the combined total of all other balloon constructors in the world. Purchasers are both private and corporate. Prices start from as little as £ 25,000 and depend on the design.

Designs have become increasingly complex as customers realised that a scope is limited only by their imagination. Computer software written within the company by qualified aeronautical engineers allows Cameron to meet the most unusual requirements, while the use of fabrics with special coatings, the employment of advanced artwork techniques - including fabric printing, and close liaison with clients ensures the faithful reproduction in fabric of the original concept.


The leading third generation one-man balloon. There is no basket - the pilot is strapped into a seat attached to a simple frame that carries the fuel tank. A Z-type 25,000 cubic foot (708 cubic metre) envelope is standard but a larger 31,000 cubic foot (890 cubic metre) envelope is available for heavier pilots or for locations where launch sites are hotter / higher than usual. The mouth is made from heat resistant Nomex and a parachute deflation system is standard. Alternative Cameron envelopes can be used with the Hopper base unit.

Cameron Ukraine

The new Cameron Hopper base unit can be summed-up in one word - «minimal». Two more interesting words are «less expensive». The new Hopper is also flexible. It can be used with any standard fuel tank - even a stainless steel 80 litre giant that will provide up to two hours of flight time.

Weight without fuel cylinder is around 36 lb (16.2 kg) and the unit can be broken down for transport into a pack that measures approximately 43 in x 16 inx15 in (1100 mmx 400 mmx380 mm). Simple it may be, but it still meets the safety standards for which Cameron is world renowned.The specially developed burner is fitted with quiet multi-hole main jets plus a separate whisper unit.

Duo Airchair

Cameron Duo Airchairs are for serious pilots. Pilots who seriously enjoy the freedom of flight without the restrictions of space and vision imposed by the walls of a basket. Pilots who seriously want to add a new dimension to their sponsor’s promotions. And pilots who seriously appreciate armchair comfort! Do you remember the excitement of your first balloon flight? Each Duo Airchair flight will give you that same adrenaline enhanced high - even at low level.

Cameron Ukraine

As for comfort, at best with most balloons that means a padded floor you can stand-on. With a Duo Airchair you get a well padded seat, padded armrests, padded uprights, footrest, easily accessible controls and a fully gimballed Shadow burner. Any approved upright fuel cylinders can be used.

The Duo Airchair is ideal for pilots who instruct and may be suitable to carry passengers with certain disabilities. Add a Cameron envelope with turning vents to your Airchair base and you have a compact kit that doesn’t need a van or trailer on retrieve, as the seat assembly can be taken apart for ease of transportation.


Cameron Ukraine    Cameron Ukraine    Cameron Ukraine

Most baskets are woven from a combination of Somerset willow and top quality Kooboo. Why? Because balloon baskets lead a hard life and these traditional materials have shown themselves to be extremely durable. Larger baskets for passenger ride operations are all cane because of its greater strength, and this option is available on other sizes, though it does have a weight penalty. Floors can be woven, which helps absorb shock and reduce weight, or solid to improve rigidity. Even the runners on the bottom of the basket are cut from highest quality kiln dried ash, chosen for its suppleness and durability. Cameron also offers a number of special purpose baskets. Transportable models will fit into an estate car or aircraft hold - complete with burner and fuel cylinders. Cameron has a basket that allows a disabled person to pilot a balloon from a built-in seat equipped with remote controls while another variant has a door to provide access for one or more wheelchairs.


Cameron Ukraine
Cameron Ukraine

Cameron can supply you with the best balloon burner in the world. The question is which of our wide range of models is most suited to your needs?

The choice starts with Super Shadow Single burner: everything is duplicated except the can, coil and igniter. This ensures you save weight and money yet still enjoy the security of a twin fuel supply, twin blast valves, twin pilot lights and even twin whisper burners. Naturally Cameron also offers double, triple and quad Shadow burner units for use with larger balloons.

Alternatively you could choose the ultra-low noise Stealth - a full power main burner that is as quiet as many whisper burners (and with a clean, pale blue flame that doesn’t create soot). With double, triple and quad units you can select different combinations of Stealth and Shadow burners to give you trouble free inflations and quiet cruising - the best of both worlds.

If you want a particularly stylish burner at a bargain price then look no further than the Stratus which is available as a single, double, triple or quad. Enhanced power triple and quad Stratus burners can be equipped with Tema fittings, larger hoses and crossflow valves.

Safire powerful new burner design 2012

Want a more powerful burner that saves money and weight? Introducing "the double-that-thinks-it's-a-triple"

Safire, our exciting new burner that has been engineered specifically for passenger ride balloons, produces 50% more powerful than its conventional counterparts.

Safire is so powerful that in twin configuration it can replace a triple, which means much less cost and much less weight.

Cameron Ukraine - Safire

And if your balloon usually needs four burners then a Safire triple will provide you with more heat output than a conventional quad. Again at less cost and with a great saving in weight.

Unlike some burners Safire has no sharp transition from low powered flame to maximum power — controls act in the traditional manner and with a feel which pilots will immediately recognize.

These new rides burner is also very good looking, its futuristic stainless steel can being complemented by silver anodized manifold block.
Safire is recommended for use with envelopes of size 210 and upwards in double or triple configurations.

Fuel System

Cameron Ukraine

The most comprehensive range of liquid petroleum gas cylinders for ballooning. All cylinders are manufactured from duplex stainless steel and are fully approved for filling and transportation by road in the EU. All are supplied with contents gauge and padded cover.

The duplex steel cylinders are available in three basic models with gross capacities of 57, 75 and 90 litres (45, 60, and 72 litres usable) to suit operating needs and basket sizes. All cylinders have padded top ring protection as standard. Master and standard tank configurations are available across the range.

Manufactured in a range of colours from hard wearing textured nylon, the covers incorporate a useful pocket for storing maps and documents.

Cameron even offers two types of cylinder straps - standard nylon with quick release or the more luxurious leather strap with traditional buckle.

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